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My Perfect Seasons

A perfect FFB season is an incredible rarity. It has only happened once in our league’s 20+ year history—to me! In 1998, I finally got the first overall pick. I took Terrell Davis, who scored his customary 20+ TDs. My 2nd pick (24th overall) was Cris Carter. Immediately after him, I took rookie Randy Moss with my 3rd pick (25th overall), and you should have heard the ruckus! In the last two rounds of the draft, I took Randall Cunningham as my #3 QB, then my #2 kicker was Gary Anderson, who set the NFL scoring record that year. My #2 RB, James Stewart, broke his leg after 3 games [he had 3 TDs], so I traded for Jamal Anderson who led the Falcons to the Super Bowl. They give the guy who traded with me grief every year!  My lineup that ran the table 17-0:

  • QB:  Cunningham-34 TDs + 1 TD rushing
  • RB:  Terrell Davis-23 TDs, Jamal Anderson-16 TDs
  • WR:  Carter-12 TDs, Moss-17 TDs
  • TE:  Ben Coates-6 TDs
  • K:    Gary Anderson-164 pts, including 59/59 XPs
  • Def:  Pittsburgh-4 TDs, 35 takeaways

We re-draft every year, and in 1999 I won my first nine games, also giving me the league's most consecutive victories (twenty-six) over two seasons.

In 2011, I won the Fantasy Index Magazine Experts' Mock Auction Draft League wire-to-wire as the cumulative point leader each week--my 2nd Perfect Season! Buying Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Wes Welker, Steve Smith, Adrian Peterson, and Rob Gronkowski sealed the deal there.

YOUR Perfect Season

How do you have a perfect season?

A little luck and not too many bites from the injury bug are good, but mostly it's all in the depth of your roster. Anyone can tell you to draft Le'Veon Bell in the first round, but who's your #2 RB? Your #3 WR? Back-up TE? In pre-season 2016, I advised to draft LeGarrette Blount and Matt Ryan high--anyone else tell you that? Didn't think so. Also, to avoid Jamaal Charles & Tony Romo--all good advice, too.

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